Tuesday, 17 July 2018

In search of innovative India

We had invented zero, we invented plastic surgery, we invented numbers, we invented many astrological phenomenon but all these inventions are few centuries or millennial older. As an Indian I feel proud on this rich scientific heritage but when I see recent past, current scenario and imagine nearby future it looks like India has lost its glory in promoting innovations. Whenever this issue being discussed first argument in defense come is: we are short of resources and infrastructure, we don't have big developed labs. Now just try to remember examples of some great innovations of past century, have they been forcefully innovated in a giant lab or some scientist with limited resources came up with that 'Eureka moment'? Second excuse given is of language barrier, if that is true than there were no innovations from non-english speaking nations, but surprisingly they have innovated number of things. For creating innovative culture we need social transformation first then infrastructural development. We are make celebrities from actors, cricketers and others from glamour world there is nothing wrong but how many scientists are being treated with same enthusiasm? Our society gives respect to those who has a job with handsome salary and stability, if you are working on something innovative on your own you will be considered as someone who hasn't got job hence doing something silly. This attitude has demotivated many potential minds who may have turned into great innovators. As an Indian I believe that it it true that our policies and educational systems have not done any significant work to promote culture of innovation but let's not forget that as a society we have failed first. Let us motivate those who want do some research and has bright ideas, we give lot of money to religious places so let us donate little amount to the youth who want to do something good for society with their new ideas. Also support them in their struggles and give moral support too. My dream is to see India as leading in innovation. I want to see our nation not just celebrate achievements of golden past but get same place in present. We have to come out of our colonial mindset and must accept original principles of Indian culture which leads us to find something new. All those who read this, my request to them is that support someone who wants to create or discover something new. Give them moral support at least and celebrate those who are dedicating their lives for innovations. Share your views and ideas on how we can create society of innovative minds.

Friday, 27 April 2018

My memoirs of cartoons

Being an introvert child I had not many friends during childhood. For me books and toons are like my world. After coming from school I used to finish my homework and than I go with toons for couple of hours. But when I go through cartoon channels today I find just some nonsense shows running through. Hope children now would get chance to enjoy those golden days of cartoons. I am just putting few special things about different toon shoows I have liked during childhood:

Scooby Doo: Gang of teens caught into mysterious situation and find a human trying to scare others by tricking as ghost. Special thing was scary Scooby finally finds some great solution, their identical van and wit was good to watch.

Dexter's lab: I must say that the lab shown in this show was one of my great fantasy in childhood, I always wished to have such lab.

Tom and Jerry: Let there be any age and any situation one can't resist to watch this duo. So much of humor without dialogues.

Mickey, Donald and Goofy: Well these characters are beyond any explanation that why they are loved so much.

Chip and dale show:  Cute chipmunks with their small team rescues world all the time.

SwatKats: The main attraction of show was their flying machine and their flying skills, thriller of us at that time.

Gummybears: Too childish in many way, but each episode carried very good message. But no one can forget effect of gummyberry juice.

The Popeye Show: Magic of spinach in all episodes, no storyline still loved for the end, which shows bravery of Popeye and magical quality of spinach.

Talespin: This show gave wings to imagination. Different kind of aircraft, lazy pilot and end-up with some good adventure.

Ducktales: One can forget everything about this show except money vault. That's the dream I had when someone ask how much you want to earn!!!

The Loony tunes show: If I want to describe this show in one word than it is: Madness. Yes the show filled up with just short humorous stories. Mind refresher.

Aladdin: We all wanted flying carpet and Genie (and now also wish for princess as well)

Little Mermaid: Mermaid and her adventures. I always waited for King to come with his trident and blast away villains.

Dragon ball Z: Martial arts with some godly powers, alien races fights and some witty moments.

Laugh-o-lympics: All characters from different shows come together and participate in some silly games. Just good dose of laugh really.

Adventures of Tintin: This series was awesome, even the movie showing tintin's adventures was also best one. Really thrilling show.

These many shows I can remember. Share your experience friends. I wish current cartoon channels make such great shows again.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Rise of dictators and situation of India

While our politicians and media were busy in some petty issues, no one got time to give insights and discuss the matters which are crucial for us as nation. One of very critical development seen with our long time ally and with one of our toughest neighbor. Two biggest nations running on communism has gone into garbs of unsaid dictatorship, when all intellectuals claiming 21st century to be time of free world we are getting such news. Well it's the matter to be dealt by people living in those country they can choose whom they find suitable for them (if they have they right to do so!!!), so let's not discuss that. What concerns me is how to move ahead in such situations when one of our strongest competitor and one of our strongest ally of past got dictators. Talking about Putin and Russia, it's been constantly observed that Putin is stubborn leader and does not have much of soft corner for India as his predecessors had. Our leaning towards US can be understood by that. We want a powerful ally to counter issues like Pakistan and China as well as who can give recognition to our global leadership aspirations. Continuation of Putin may force us to keep stronger relations with other European nations and with US too. By looking at strategy of both leaders we can conclude that we can't have any hope for Russian support we got in past. On other hand China is becoming stronger in South Asia region, taking away whole Pakistani land and allowing businesses to grow made Xi to become an indirect dictator of China. This step of China gives so many messages to world, one thing is for sure that China will work aggressively to go into medieval theory of claiming land of neighbors, signs of bigger frictional moments in future. India has suffered tight grip of 'string of pearls' during rising years of Xi, we have to be ready with some more tactics on that from China. We may also get second version of Hindi-Chini bhai bhai if government does same mistake. For India it's becoming more and more necessary to counter these tactics of China. Many suggests that we should to make our neighbors happy, for me this solution may not work as neighbors now assured about stability of Chinese premiership while Indian politics is always a volatile game. Second thing is economic and technological superiority of China has upper hand over India. For these reasons it's not easy to make neighbors to take our side instead of China. So the question is how to get rid of Chinese grip around us? Well according to me, answer of a string is a string. Yes, China has problems with almost 14 nations, so we need to work as leader and unite voices of those. Government has put some efforts but they are not consistent, we need constant and strong relations with those nations like Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia and many more. This is only way to give back same treatment to China. Even as a common citizen we must think about strong leadership (any party) but not weak coalition government as it gives signal of volatility and hence world will not be serious towards us. Upcoming time is going to be tough for us in terms of border relations so as an Indian let's hope that governments and agencies keep working in countering any adversities faced by us. Instead of running for boycott Chinese goods (which has no significant impact at all) we have to think on developing innovative capabilities and promoting manufacturing sector. Let's work towards improving nation than just loud talks and debates.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Are we worshipping superheroes?

The roots of my culture are in discussion and share of opinions and thoughts. While watching one of the recent superhit superhero movie I started to think that what will the future generations of far may think about us if we get wiped out and they find some comic books or fiction books or movies, won't they think that these may be books written about Gods? If they find book on Superman what will be chances that they will not consider it as some religious material which has been created to describe great savior of human kind, they may start building temples, they may say that see in past our Gods were able to fly and they came from some other planet. In first this sounds weird but for a moment think that what if it's the reality and we are just praising super-heroes from fiction of that time! All our religious beliefs are revolving around Gods and Messiahs but what if those who wanted to develop a community created these characters and made us believe into them, this idea only binds us to so many disciplines of our life, if we look at ancient civilizations they have worshiped prime elements of nature as God after evolving we have defined and made them more human. All these 'wild' thoughts came into my mind while thinking about our position in universe, we are just feeling pride as we don't know what's hidden in universe! I strongly believe that there is a power who is managing whole universe but to imagine that power to come into human form to preach us something and that too for a group of humans only does not sound logical at all. Why the one who manages whole universe can come to planet in a form of one of the animals to preach them? Why can't God make religions to others as he is just for human only? For me God is always there and everywhere but not in some form as the power which runs infinity can't be contented in mere animal form of a planet in this infinity. To conclude I must say that let's not fight for something which we created, let's grow and think beyond our boundaries. We have lost many years and many limited resources just to prove that my book or my God is superior than yours; think that have we ever read anything about any religion in nature? Answer is big NO because nature has script of presence of power but not defining that power. So just enjoy the presence of God everywhere and make sure that you do something which protects it's precious creation called living beings. 

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Bullying is new trend?

What a common man fears while riding his bike into traffic, police? I say no as he carries all the documents and wearing helmet. Than what he fears most? Answer is some bullies who drives on their own way, they don't care about you and laws and if by their mistake they have near miss chance of collision with your vehicle they are happy to have fight which a common man can't win because he neither have enough muscle power not money power with him. He just walk away silently with some insult and abuse. I think many of us have been through such situation many times. Sadly in our mainstream media and in our entertainment industry being bully is celebrated a lot. We see that in movies 'hero' does lot of bullying and just impresses the female counterpart, isn't it so cheap and nonsense to show that a girl falls in love with someone who has nothing to do than of 'sadakchhap gunda' kind of activities? Now too much hyped, called as fourth pillar of democracy our media, how many of you have seen that media shows interviews of young champs of ISRO or young artists (apart from film industry) or young think tanks? The answer is big NO as they may show some shouting slogans, creating disturbances in society and call them leaders, are we so much logically bankrupt to choose our leaders? I must say that I don't find any hopes with these people as their only motive is to make money, time has come where each commoner of the nation must join hands with each other and resist these bullying in a Gandhi way. Let's not be like them, let's not fight like them we have to prove that yes we are short of power but that doesn't mean that our voice can be suppressed. Time for one more non violent public movement where there will be no rallies no press conference, just have to stay strong and to speak for our rights because we know that powerful in our nation gets easy justice so we have to be ready for all the challenges, they will threaten us, they will harm us but remember we are real majority of the nation and it's time to show them that just few bullies can not control majority of common people of India. Rise above your caste, region and religion it's about our identity and our dreams of peaceful and prosper life which is needed by all of us despite of our religion. My words may not be arranged, my flow may be broken as my emotions are overflwing right now. I am sure youth will be join hands for such movement and I will see India as a dreamland.
Jai Hind

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Why India is always on defensive mode?

This is the stand we have seen post independence that India never strikes first in war. This narrative has put us on back-foot all the time in diplomacy and in national security. My question is are we really a race which never fought a war at a will? Well our political pseudo peacelovers teach us only that, we have read in our textbooks that we are followers of Gandhi and Budhh. But when same question asked to history and mythology we find different answer, we read about Chanakya who has put his whole life to end a dynasty and to unite Bharat. We read about Ram and Krishna who have fought against evils to save people. We read about Bappa Rawal who has expanded his Kingdom into all directions but no one teach us about them as we are supposed to be the breed of hares who just run away and give too weak response on any attack to us. Why we are being taught one side of history? Don't we have right to learn about whole history of ours? Within the society we find many bullies but all of them goes silent when it comes to fight for nation. The left visioned history, politics of caste, corruption to roots made us a nation with majority of obsessed people. Here we think about vote bank, about internal benefits before taking any action against enemy state. Yes war is not a solution but it's a step towards peaceful solution with enemy state. Everyday neighboring country violets cease fire, every alternate day we have news of some terror attack, we have Maoist problem in north east, Naxals in eastern part of our nation and we still speak about sugary non violence thing. Isn't it a time when we should show some aggression towards our enemy? Remember to negotiate peace we have to have some power with us, no one listens to weaker. Time has come when we have to rise as a nation and without having peace around us we can never become developed nation. This is the time when we have to adopt new strategies to silence our enemies and for that we have to change our narrative of Peacelover nation of Gandhi. We are nation of Gandhi but also nation of Chanakya and Chandragupt, we don't want to put our next generation into perils of these fake peace loving talks, we want peace but not at cost of our lives. We want friendship but on our conditions. All these can not happen till we have religions, castes getting importance even during drafting our security policies, we have to think as an Indian first which can pressurize any government to change the ultra defensive narrative. Policy must be even if you think to do damage to us, you will be destroyed. 

Friday, 24 November 2017

Indian literature loosing it's edge?

Well I am not literature critic but a normal reader like crores others. During my trips to library I have observed that there are lot of books but when I have started to search for books by Indian authors of recent time the choice got narrowed. Further to this while searching for books in regional language in recent years was more difficult so my first question is that why current Indian authors write mainly in English only? One more thing happened at that time was while searching for different genre I was surprised to see our recent authors are just focused in one or two genres while many genres left untouched such as science fiction, child novel, war fantasies, travel diaries, thriller with some good taste, catchy humor all these were missing and ya nothing of that short you can find in regional languages. I believe that in this era of facebook posts , tweets and adaption of books to movie has become more important than  anything else. It's a serious question for our society because the society without fighters of pen is hollow one. At the same time it's duty of reader to motivate those who are trying something different. I feel that our education structure and our outlook towards writers of regional language must change. We praise a lot who writes in English but hardly even remember names of writers in local language. Now let us talk about different genres of literature and tell me friends how many books you found about science fiction? child stories? out of the box kind of thrillers? Either I am not aware of such recent books in Indian languages or such books really not published in recent times. As a reader I always desire to read something different and want good reading in all different genres. I am not criticizing writers of recent times, even I believe that they are really good but we need variety of topics as we are country of diversified society we need diversity in what we read. So I am waiting for a fresh science fiction story in Hindi, a path breaking thriller in Gujarati and such great works in other languages as well. Many of the friends I follow on social media are readers and bloggers so I really want their thoughts on this topic, let's wish that in near future we can see an Indian winning booker prize.